Lindy Hop Ensemble Singapore (LHE) was established
in 1997.
LHE promotes the authentic styles
of vernacular jazz - Charleston, Swing, Collegiate,
jazz strolls and of course the Lindy Hop - the definitive 1930s dance expression of jazz music, famous for its acrobatic air steps.

The Lindy Hop Ensemble is renowned for its original, contemporary and experimental approach to vernacular jazz. An exciting fusion of African-American jazz with Asian music, rhythms and dance styles, the LHE's interpretation of the lindy hop has won
international commendation.





Photo : Alan Lim

Founder and Artistic Director Jacqueline Tan danced the lindy hop while studying for the Bar examinations in London. She founded the LHE upon returning to Singapore. LHE dancers have trained and performed in New York City, San Francisco, London and Edinburgh.

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